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Connecticut Health Insurance

According to the Center for Disease Control, between 2001 and 2003 an average of 10.4% of Connecticut residents a year were without Connecticut health insurance.

Connecticut Health Insurance Regulations

Connecticut has laws and regulations regarding the Connecticut health insurance and Connecticut medical insurance policies. One of these is a guaranteed renewability provision which guarantees individuals the right to renew current Connecticut health insurance policies provided all premiums have been paid in a timely manner.

Connecticut health insurance can also deny or exclude coverage for a pre-existing condition. Denying Connecticut medical insurance for a pre-existing condition can only be done for individual health insurance, not through group and employer Connecticut health insurance. Under Connecticut health insurance laws, a pre-existing condition is one for which the individual has received medical treatment or diagnosis 12 months prior to the beginning of the plan or policy. Connecticut health insurance companies can enforce a pre-existing condition exclusion period for anything falling under this definition. If there is no break in Connecticut medical insurance coverage, however, old coverage credits the new health insurance plan for the exclusion period.

Cost of Connecticut health insurance is dependant upon age and health and any Connecticut health insurance company can deny coverage. The cost of Connecticut health insurance is not controlled, but the companies usually charge the same rate for similar individuals. Conversion policies and temporary insurance coverage are available through some Connecticut health insurance companies to cover time between medical insurance coverage.

Alternative Connecticut Health Insurance Options

For individuals and families who are either “uninsurable” or lack the resources to obtain individual Connecticut health insurance plans, there are some state-run organizations and programs available. Some alternatives to individual coverage through a Connecticut health insurance company are:

  • Connecticut Medicaid is available to those that qualify and meet the income criteria. All rules of eligibility apply.
  • Connecticut Health Reinsurance Association is the Connecticut health insurance high-risk pool that allows individual health insurance policies to be sold to residents who are considered “uninsurable”. Pre-existing condition period may apply.
  • Husky Plan is Connecticut’s health insurance plan for children under 19 whose families fail to qualify for Medicaid but who might not otherwise be able to afford Connecticut medical insurance. Families must meet eligibility requirements.
  • Connecticut Managed Care Ombudsman assists Connecticut residents who have HMO plans as their Connecticut health insurance providers.

Connecticut Health Insurance Department

PO BOX 816
HARTFORD, CT 06142-0816

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