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Alabama Health Insurance

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) National Health Interview Survey (2004 - 2006), the percentage of population in Alabama who did not have health insurance did not differ significantly from the national average (16.6%). Although federal law protects health insurance standards through the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), states can pass various reforms for health care in their state. Neither federal nor state laws protect access to individual or group health insurance in Alabama under all circumstances.

There are no standards for Alabama health insurance regarding either policy coverage or price. However, the state requires that all Alabama health insurance cover certain benefits such as post-delivery hospital stays and breast cancer screening. The Alabama Insurance Commissioner, however, has authority over Alabama health insurance rates to ensure that fees and charges are reasonable.

Alabama health insurance companies providing individual health insurance do not have to give credit for prior coverage, unlike group health plans. In addition, pregnancy may be considered a pre-existing condition under certain Alabama health insurance policies. Any pre-existing condition may require an exclusion period by the insurer not to exceed 24 months.

Alabama Health Insurance Coverage

Depending on the financial and medical circumstances of the individual, the following plans may provide some health insurance or medical coverage for the Alabama resident:

  • Alabama Medicaid is available for those that meet the income requirements.
  • Alabama Health Insurance Plan (AHIP) allows Alabama residents to maximize the features of HIPAA, meaning that individuals who otherwise might be considered "uninsurable" are able to purchase Alabama health insurance. AHIP is considered the high-risk health insurance pool for the state of Alabama and all participants must be HIPAA eligible. You are eligible for AHIP, if your most recent continuous coverage was under a group health plan, government plan or church plan and:
    • You chose extended coverage under COBRA that was available to you and exhausted those benefits;
    • Your previous insurance coverage was not terminated because of fraud or failure to pay your premiums; and
    • Your application is received or postmarked in our office within 63 days of the last day your group or COBRA coverage was in effect.
  • Alabama's state health insurance program for children (SCHIP), All Kids, provides medical insurance to eligible children under the age of 19. Eligible families must meet All Kids guidelines in order for children to be considered for this children's health insurance program. Such families are usually not eligible for Medicaid due to higher income levels. The number of children in Alabama with healthcare coverage has grown significantly in the last year. The All Kids program includes coverage for well child check-ups, immunizations, vision and dental care.

Alabama Department of Insurance:
P O Box 303351
Montgomery, AL 36130-3351
Phone: 334-269-3550

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