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State Health Insurance

Are you searching for Ohio individual health insurance? How about a Colorado individual health insurance plan, Texas family health insurance, or a Texas child health insurance plan? There’s a good reason you are looking for specific information: Health insurance laws, regulations, and consumer rights regarding health insurance plans are different in each and every state. We give you these state-by-state health insurance guides to help you as you make insurance choices.

Although there are a number of federal consumer protection laws in place for each state, such as those regulating COBRA coverage, health insurance plans are primarily regulated by state-level governing bodies. Therefore, the types of plans available, qualification requirements, licensed medical insurance carriers, and consumer health care costs vary by state across the country.

State Health Insurance Guides

The guides listed below outline the major health insurance regulations in each state. Additionally, the guides provide information about consumer rights; including how health insurance companies may qualify and accept or reject applications for health insurance coverage, pre-existing condition limitations and many other matters regarding health insurance qualification and coverage.

These state health insurance guides also provide listings of individual health insurance carriers that operate in each state. Although we do our very best to make sure the guides are frequently updated, you should always check with your state's department of insurance in order to get the most up-to-date health insurance laws and regulations.

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