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Vision Insurance Coverage

What Does Vision Insurance Cover?

Vision insurance covers care and treatment for your eyes. These plans often cover annual eye exams, glasses, contacts, and glaucoma screening. Laser eye surgery is even covered with some vision plans. Vision Insurance can be extremely restricted. Some policies just pay for the annual exam or treatment of eye conditions, not glasses or contacts. Be sure to understand what your policy covers.

How Does Vision Insurance Work?

You may have to pay the doctor yourself and submit a claim for the vision insurance company to reimburse you later. Other plans pay the eye care provider directly.

Vision insurance is not a substitute for health insurance. In fact, most often a medical problem discovered by your eye doctor (such as a cyst or tumor in your eye) would fall under your health insurance, not your vision insurance.

Do I Need Vision Insurance?

You might find that vision insurance could help you get a discount on the glasses or contacts that you need anyway.

Many vision insurance plans are supported by employers, but if you're looking for a vision plan on your own, shop around and compare the cost and benefits offered with each plan.

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