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Travel Health Insurance

If you travel, particularly outside the US, you should know that an illness or accident may not be covered by your health insurance when you are away. Traditional health care providers are not prepared to handle the complexities of administrating worldwide coverage including currency exchanges, language barriers, time zone differences, and other obstacles. Almost all travel insurance policies are reimbursement plans where you pay locally for treatment and are reimbursed later by the health insurance company (usually in around 10 days).

Medical evacuation coverage offers transportation to a hospital in the neighborhood or to a hospital near the travelers home. family health insurance policies allow the whole family to return home together.

Travel health insurance can help you know where to go and how to handle emergency (and non-emergency) health care and travel needs around the world. The majority of health insurance providers have a 24 hour collect call system that offers advice and assistance to travelers.

If illness, injury, or lost or damaged property causes you to change your travel plans, travel health insurance could help you cover the cost. Cancelled or interrupted travel, emergency medical treatment, evacuation, death, and other situations are all covered by the insurance.

Travel health insurance can cover a broad range of travel concerns including baggage loss, rental car damage, acts of terrorism, and other needs.

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