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Indemnity Health Insurance

With indemnity health, you only pay when you obtain medical care. These were much more popular up to the onset of the 90s. Now, they are much less common in America than managed care. There is usually a deductible and coinsurance requirement for indemnity health, but after those are paid the costs of medical care are usually 100% paid.

Indemnity health plans also offer the most flexibility of any health insurance plan type. Indemnity health plans allow you to visit any doctor or specialist that you select. This flexibility makes these plans the highest priced kind of health insurance available.

Indemnity Plans Offer 3 Kinds of Disbursement

1. Reimbursement for actual charges

The health insurance company will reimburse you for the actual cost of your medical expenses (no matter what the amount is) once your deductible is satisfied.

2. Reimbursement for a percentage of charges

This works very much like coinsurance. You are reimbursed by the health insurance company for a portion of the cost of your medical expenses, whatever the cost may be. A typical amount covered by health insurance companies is 80%. This coverage is usually after your deductible has been satisfied.

3. Indemnity

The health insurance provider pays a certain amount per day for a certain number of days, up to (and never more than) the cost of your medical expenses.

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