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Health Discount Plans

Health discount plans are not a replacement for health insurance, but if you have only minimal health insurance or you cannot get health insurance either because you can't afford it or because you have a pre-existing condition that prohibits insurers from accepting you, then a health discount plan can be helpful.

How Health Discount Plans Work

You receive reduced charges at participating pharmacies, doctors' offices, and other medical care facilities in exchange for a monthly charge. The plans provide a prearrange discount amount for medical and dental services.

Health Discount Plans are not Health Insurance

Salespeople do not have to get a license or have any experience in the health care or health insurance fields to sell health discount plans.

If you become severely ill, a health discount plan will not protect your financial future. If you become injured or ill, you can still end up owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to health care providers.

You are still responsible for the bills. You just receive a reduced price where the discount card is accepted.

Network size could be extremely limited. Be aware that the providers may revoke their membership in the health discount plan at any time so be sure there are providers in your area.

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