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Health Insurance Plans

Healthcare has changed more in just the past 20 years than in all the days since family doctors made house calls. The continuously rising costs of healthcare have been the principal reason for changes in health insurance and health insurance plans. To make cheap health insurance plans more available to more people, managed care networks, health savings accounts, the medical savings account and other developments have been designed to offset the rising costs of private health insurance.

Although times have changed, healthcare in the U.S. today is the best in the world. And today, there are a number of health insurance plans to choose from: Major Medical Insurance, HMO, PPO, and POS. Review the different types of health insurance plans available, choose the one that best suits your individual health insurance needs, and request an individual health insurance quote. There are even options for special needs or high risk health insurance, like health insurance for diabetics. We are here to help you make the right choices.

Major Medical Insurance

Major Medical Insurance requires the insured to pay a deductible before the insurance company pays benefits. The insured is free to choose any doctor or hospital to receive services. The insured pays the healthcare provider directly, and then is reimbursed for a portion of the bill by the insurance company. Click to learn more about major medical insurance plans.


Normally less expensive than a Major Medical Plan, a Health Maintenance Organization, or HMO, is a type of insurance plan that pre-negotiates rates for services with a network of physicians. HMOs require the insured to choose a Primary Care Physician within the HMO network who is responsible for providing preventive care and for referring and coordinating the insured’s care if additional specialists are required, or a hospital stay is necessary. By limiting the insured’s choices, such as selecting physicians only within their network and not covering treatment deemed unnecessary, HMOs can control and contain healthcare costs. Click to learn more about HMOs.

PPO Insurance

A Preferred Provider Organization, or PPO, is similar to an HMO in that there is a network of physicians with pre-negotiated rates for services, but unlike an HMO, the insured is not limited to the PPO’s network physicians and can see any physician they choose. In the event the insured selects a doctor outside the PPO network — a physician without pre-negotiated rates — deductibles and co-payments will be higher. Click to learn more about PPO insurance plans.

POS Insurance

Point-of-Service, or POS, is often referred to as an “open ended” HMO or PPO insurance plan. With a POS, the insured is still required to choose a Primary Care Physician, but if necessary, the doctor can refer the insured’s care to specialists either inside or outside the POS network. If there is a referral from their primary care doctor to an out-of network physician, the insured normally pays the POS plan’s in-network deductibles and co-payments.

Some employers offer their employees several different health insurance plans to choose from, while other companies don’t offer health insurance at all; so no matter whether you’re an employee, self-employed, or an individual without health insurance, you need to be able to recognize the differences in health insurance plans and choose the plan that best suits their needs, as well as your budget. Click to learn more about POS insurance plans.

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