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Student Health Insurance

College students need to get access to health care and know where to obtain it. Both a family health plan and a college health insurance plan are able to provide coverage for students.

Family Health Insurance Plans

College students are probably covered by your family health insurance plan. Many health insurance companies provide coverage for your adult children up to their 24th birthday, even if they don't live at home.

This could be challenging if you have an HMO and the student is living away from home. You will need to find out where in-network providers are available near your child's new residence and you may need to find a new primary care physician for your child (if your HMO plan will allow it).

Some health insurance policies may not cover your college student. It depends on the family health plans definition of a dependent. If this is the case, they may be able to use COBRA for up to 36 months.

College Student Health Insurance Plans

Lots of colleges offer student health insurance packages. Every program is designed for the individual college, so the cost and coverage varies. For example, many colleges provide an on-campus health center, where most health issues could be addressed, so the college's student health insurance may not pay for regular doctor visits.

College Student Health Insurance Checklist 

  • Find out what the college requires.
  • Find out the campus health center hours, location, and services offered.
  • Find a local doctor that is covered by your student health insurance.
  • Read your policy and know what is covered (and not covered) and when. For example, some student policies may not cover you during spring break.
  • Locate the nearest hospital.

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