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Family Health Plus

Family Health Plus

Family Health Plus was started to help people living in New York who don’t qualify for Medicaid due to their annual salary. It is a health insurance program open to the public.

Family Health Plus Eligibility & Cost

This health insurance program is open to people between the ages of 19 and 64 as long as they are United States citizens. There are exceptions for immigrants who fall into certain categories. The program is meant for single people, parents and couples who do not have any children. Anyone who has federal health insurance is not eligible for this program. If a person has health insurance from their employer, they can sometimes get help paying for their deductibles, premiums, co-payments and co-insurance. The Premium Assistance program handles these payments. Whether or not a family is eligible for this program is determined not only by the family’s salary, but also how many people are in a given family. For example, a family with one parent and one child is only eligible for this program if their yearly household income is no more than approximately $23,000. A family with one or two parents and five or six children is only eligible for this program if their yearly household income is approximately $53,000.

Applying for this program is free and does not involve having to pay any deductibles once accepted. Some members will have a co-payment for this program.

Family Health Plus Application Process

This program uses managed care plans to assist members with their healthcare expenses. When applying for the program, an individual must choose one of the health plans offered. Every effort is made to enroll members into a health plan that their regular doctor is a part of. Each health plan offers members the chance to see a doctor for checkups on a regular basis. If a member needs to see a specialist, the program will cover that as well. Select plans offered by this program include dental care plans. Pharmacy benefits also come with the healthcare plans offered.

When applying for this program, it is necessary to fill out an application. Proof of information such as name, age, address and income must be submitted along with the application. Any application that is not signed and dated will not be accepted. Those who need help filling it out can turn to either the social services department of New York or Facilitated Enrollers. They can seek help from the Facilitated Enrollers on evenings and weekends. Assistance is offered to answer a person’s questions and help them through the entire application process. Once it is completed, the application and the necessary documents must either be mailed to or dropped off at the closest social services department.

When applying for this program, the following documents must be presented:

• U.S. Birth Certificate
• U.S. Driver’s License

If an applicant does not have either of these documents they must present either a Benefit Identification Card issued by the state of New York or a marriage certificate. Applicants must disclose their social security number during the application process but are not required to present their social security card.

Members of Family Health Plus must renew their insurance coverage every year. Notices are mailed to each member as a reminder to renew their coverage. The insurance can be renewed through the mail, but if a member has not renewed by the deadline specified in the reminder letter, their coverage will come to an end.

Enrolling in this insurance program is recommended to any New York resident who qualifies. It provides peace of mind when it comes to healthcare.

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