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College Student Health Insurance Quotes

As a young child your parents carried you on their health insurance plan. Now that you are starting college, you should invest in your own college student health insurance plan.

Reasons for College Student Health Insurance

An unexpected medical need without the right insurance can lead you and your parents into financial debt. Some educational institutions require students to have at least a minimum amount of health care insurance. Some colleges offer health care plans which can be health maintenance organizations (HMO’s) or preferred provider organizations (PPO’s). Rates and benefits can vary, so you want to pick a plan that is best suited for your needs.

Choosing a Student Medical Insurance Policy

Here are some questions to ask when choosing a student medical insurance plan whether it is a plan offered by your university or an individual plan:

  • How much do I want be covered for?
  • What is the deductible?
  • What am I not covered for?
  • Can I choose my own physician?
  • Will I ever need to be referred to specialist?
  • What if I get sick while traveling?
  • Does it cover healthy patient visits?
  • Do I have a co-payment for doctor visits?
  • Does it cover medications?

When asking yourself these questions you need to consider how much flexibility you need and how much money you want to spend. There are affordable plans available for most young adults. Whatever you do, you cannot predict when you are going to need college student health insurance. But you can bet that sometime over your educational career the need will arise. Generally speaking, there is risk, you can get sick, have an accident, or need surgery and end up in the hospital. If and when this time comes you will want to be prepared. Students that do not carry health insurance are an ongoing problem across college campuses.

Many students are denied care for basic health needs or they cannot afford the medication needed to treat their condition. If you develop a communicable disease, and do not seek immediate care, you can put the entire campus at risk. Health insurance is an absolute must for students. Check to see if your parents have you on their insurance policy.

If you are over 18 or your parents are planning for retirement you may no longer be covered on their policy. If you are not covered, check out all you options, ask the right questions, and get the best plan for your coverage needs. While not the first option, it may be best to seek some form of temporary health insurance for the student. This is probably a necessity for students who did not attend college straight out of high school or for those students who dropped out for a period of time. Gaps in the academic transcripts can cause issues when it comes to attaining student health insurance coverage so be sure and check into temporary insurance options should there be any issues over transcripts or gaps in attendance.

Protecting Your Child with Student Health Insurance

Often, a college student is covered under their parents’ health insurance policy, but if they are not it might be necessary to cover them with student health insurance. Even if they are covered under a parent's policy, a supplemental policy may be needed as short term health insurance. This is because many types only cover routine visits such as yearly physicals in a certain geographic area. If a student is attending school outside of this area they may need additional college health insurance.

There are so many expenses that go along with college. Books, tuition and housing may have parents’ heads spinning from the financial strain and looking for a way to cut costs. Students and parents may feel it is an unnecessary expense and can skip out on having adequate insurance for a few years until they finish school. This seems fine until an unexpected illness strikes and medical bills start piling up. A student's academic performance can even start to suffer if they are sick, but do not feel like they can go to the doctor to get well.

Having good health insurance for college students ensures that the student can get the proper health care when needed. Student plans are just as much of an investment in your child's future as their tuition. You can spend a great deal of time looking for student health insurance rates, or you can use an online service that matches you with insurance providers who can meet your needs. One advantage of getting insurance quotes this way is that you can get prices and get all of your questions answered at the same time.

Shopping for health insurance rates this way means that you can get the best value for the coverage you want for your child because insurance companies will be competing for your business. They will be doing what it takes to sell you the coverage you need. It is also important to evaluate the companies based on their customer service and claims handling. You want your college student to be able to use their coverage when they are away from home, not just have an insurance card to carry in their wallet.

While there are other options for your student's health care needs, such as campus clinics, you should never assume this will be enough to meet their needs. Some campus clinics are only open certain hours and cannot offer round the clock medical care. You want your child to be protected at all times even if they are headed into adulthood. Finding the right student health insurance can give both you and your student peace of mind. It can also ensure that your college student can focus on their studies without the worry of what they will do if a health problem strikes. Fill out the simple online form today and get started on protecting your college student's future.


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