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Child Health Insurance

Child health insurance covers the needs of one or more children. Health insurance companies sell child health plans directly to parents rather than through an employer intermediary.

Employer sponsored health insurance with dependent care in is a different market than Child health insurance. Individual child health insurance in is often more restricted than group (employer-sponsored) health insurance.

Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Families that cannot afford private health insurance and do not qualify for Medicaid have access to the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The CHIP plan is now administrated and provided through each state and has its own requirements.

Some states are doing a CHIP Medicaid expansion, where the Medicaid department is expanded to encompass the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

What does it pay for?

CHIP programs will generally cover all of your child's basic health care needs. The Children's health insurance normally pays for all or part of your childrens doctor visits, immunizations, hospitalization, and emergency room visits.

What does it cost?

Many CHIPs use a sliding scale, meaning those who have less income pay less, so the price varies.

How do I get Child Health Insurance?

Applications are available at your CHIP or Medicaid center. If your household income is $36,000 per year or less, your state CHIP program will probably cover your children (up to age 19).

What are the restrictions?

Some children are not eligible for CHIP, including children with other child health insurance, those eligible for Medicaid, those whose families make too much money, and children who are institutionalized.

Legal immigrant children who have been in the US since August 22, 1996 qualify for CHIP. Immigrant children who arrived after that date will qualify after they have been lawful permanent residents for 5 years. Undocumented and illegal immigrants do not qualify, but certain refugees qualify.

What if were not eligible?

You should consider private Child health insurance for your children if you don't qualify for your state's CHIP program.

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