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Small Business Health Insurance

Small businesses (defined as organizations with 2 to 50 employees) will normally purchase group health insurance plans and pay part (or all) of their employees' premium.

Group health insurance is expected by the majority of workers, and providing it may help you maintain the quality employees you need for your business. The expenses are also tax deductible.

Small business health insurance may also help reduce your personal health care expenses as a business owner since the premiums are likely to be much lower than for individual health insurance and the coverage will probably be broader.

Group health insurance is different from individual health insurance since the groups characteristics will determine the cost of a policy, not the individuals.

The group health insurance company and the business owner will determine the provisions of the policy. Some employers will offer a couple of options.

Some group health insurance companies will require the employer to pay a particular portion of each employees premium. Evaluate your policy options carefully.

Benefits of Small Business Group Health Insurance


The group health insurance company insures all members of the group regardless of their medical history. There will be a restricted enrollment period for your employees, set by the group health insurance provider.


Group health insurance plans in are generally cheaper than the individual health insurance polices would be since the provider is able to spread their risk over a larger group of people.

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