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Military Health Insurance

Military health insurance provides coverage to active duty members of the armed forces, veterans of the armed forces, and army reserves. The majority of military medical insurance policies have a “war clause” that enables the policyholder to have coverage even in foreign countries during times of war. The U.S. Department of Defense provides Tricare medical coverage to all armed forces affiliates. The Tricare program provides medical coverage, as well as additional supplemental coverage plans.

Military Health Insurance Coverage

Military medical insurance coverage vary from policy to policy. The cost of coverage depends on an individual person’s health, smoking habits, and a few other criteria. To cover families, the cost of coverage depends on the number of family members and the health condition of those members. The plans include medical expenses and many different medical services.

The US army frequently offers no-cost or low-cost military health insurance plans to enlisted men. The policies offer coverage for active duty men, as well as their families. The reservists usually have access to low-cost life and dental insurance, but not medical insurance through these programs.

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