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Individual Health Insurance Quotes

One person or family is covered with an individual health insurance policy. You purchase this kind of plan directly from a health insurance company rather than through an employer intermediary.

Your individual health insurance is an agreement between you and the health insurance provider. You get the opportunity to customize your policy when you are getting an individual health insurance policy, for example, you may specify the deductible, coinsurance amount, and even include or exclude certain provisions of the policy. Any changes will, of course, affect your premiums, so be careful to balance risk with cost.

What to Expect with Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance applicants must be evaluated by the health insurance company, who will determine how much risk you present to the insurer. The price of your individual health insurance will be determined by the risk evaluation; some individuals will not be eligible at all.

The health insurance company will evaluate you using a series of questions and/or a physical exam. Your medical history will be documented thoroughly by the insurance company.

If you have a pre-existing condition, it may be excluded from your individual health insurance policy on an exclusion rider before you can get individual health insurance coverage. The term of exclusion and other rules regarding exclusion of pre-existing conditions vary state-by-state.

The Future of Individual Health Insurance

There are proposals working their way through the legal system today that will help make individual health insurance more affordable and offer better tax benefits to individuals purchasing their own health insurance.

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Individual Health Insurance Made Simple

Individual health insurance is purchased by an individual instead of through an employer. It can cover either the purchaser or their family as well. Coverage can be tailored to fit your budget by adjusting deductibles, levels of coverage and many other factors.

When you apply for individual health insurance the insurance company will evaluate you and the risk you present. Most companies will ask medical questions and require a physical. The insurance company will also look at your entire medical history. Once the risk you present is assessed, the company can give you individual health insurance quotes. Certain health factors will lead to people having higher insurance rates or not being covered at all.

There are certain risks that will make it difficult for a person to get coverage. Factors such as a history of cancer may impact available policies and premiums. Other factors like smoking and being overweight may make insurance difficult to get or afford. Health insurance for smokers and diabetic health insurance may be very expensive. There are a few things you can do to make health insurance for one person more affordable:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Be a non-smoker, or quit
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Health care for one person may be difficult to get. Shopping online can give you an idea of coverage and prices, but you will really need to speak to an agent to get the best information for making the right decision for yourself or your family. Websites that offer the service of matching you with health insurance companies that meet your needs are the best place to start. You can get your questions answered by agents who will call you and try to earn your business. It is much easier to talk to someone who knows the answers than it is to try and find them yourself on the internet.

Before these types of services people had to travel all over town meeting with insurance agents to get the information they needed. Now it just takes one simple form and you are on your way to an effective health insurance quote comparison.

There are other considerations besides price to take into account when choosing a health plan for one person. What services are covered and what you have to do to have those services paid for is a big consideration. Many companies require that certain services are approved before you have them, or they will not be paid for. You also need to know if any conditions you currently have will be considered a pre-existing condition and not be covered for a certain period of time.

Legal changes that are in the works may make individual health insurance easier to get and more affordable. Until then, having the most information you can will help you make an informed decision that best meets your health and financial needs. You can start today by filling out a simple form online and having agents from insurance companies that meet your needs start contacting you right away.

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