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Health Insurance for Diabetics

Health insurance is critical for diabetics as each person who is diabetic can be spending a couple hundred dollars a month on basic supplies like test strips, meters, and insulin. Quality medical insurance for diabetics is an important part of the complex system of available health insurance plans. Diabetic considerations can be an informative part of a dialogue about personal health, employee health, family health, or national health.

Health insurance for diabetics is important in order for a diabetic person to stay healthy but can be difficult to obtain if the diabetic person is not currently covered under a health insurance plan. The American Diabetes Association has created programs to help affected people find health insurance since most are considered "uninsurable" by private health insurance companies. Diabetics looking for health insurance usually fall into the "high-risk" category based on pre-existing health conditions prior to applying for medical insurance. Rules regarding exclusion of pre-existing conditions from insurance coverage vary state-by-state.

COBRA, HIPAA, and Health Insurance for Diabetics

Although COBRA and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) apply to the entire country, health insurance and related aspects of medical insurance for diabetics will differ from state to state. It can be a challenge for people managing diabetes to find suitable health insurance plans. Coverage is available, however. Some diabetics can opt into the COBRA or HIPAA programs but statistics show that almost half of diabetics looking for health insurance are unaware of these programs. Coverage options vary for people with diabetes.

Medical Insurance for Diabetics: State Risk Pools

Currently thirty states offer a high-risk pool for people looking for health insurance that are otherwise uninsurable. Medical insurance for diabetics can sometimes be obtained by contacting the appropriate office of the given state. States that offer high-risk pools in which health insurance for diabetics can be found are:

-Alabama Health Insurance Plan (AHIP) (877) 619-2447
-Alaska Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ACHIA) (888) 290-0616
-Arkansas Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) (501) 378-2979
-California Major Medical Insurance Program (Has a waiting list) (800) 289-6574
-Cover Colorado (800) 511-5774
-Connecticut Health Reinsurance Association (HRA) (800) 842-0004
-Florida Comprehensive Health Association (Closed to enrollment)
-Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (ICHIP) (800) 367-6410
-Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ICHIA) (800) 552-7921
-Iowa Comprehensive Health Association (ICHA) (800) 877-5156
-Kansas Health Insurance Association (800) 290-1368
-Kentucky Access (317) 614-2000
-Louisiana Health Plan (LHP) (800) 532-5274
-Maryland Health Insurance Plan (866) 780-7105
-Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA) (952) 593-9609
-Mississippi Comprehensive Health Insurance Risk Pool Association (MCHIRPA) (888) 820-9400
-Missouri Health Insurance Pool (MHIP) (800) 821-2231
-Montana Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA) (406) 444-8263
-Nebraska Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool (NCHIP) (800) 356-3485
-New Hampshire High Risk Health Insurance Pool (603) 227-7265
-New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool (NMMIP) (800) 432-0750
-Comprehensive Health Association of North Dakota (CHAND) (800) 737-0016
-Oklahoma Health Insurance High Risk Pool (OHIHRP) (913) 362-0040
-Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP) (800) 542-3104
-South Carolina Health Insurance Pool (SCHIP) (800) 868-2500
-Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool (THIRP) (888) 398-3927
-Utah Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool (HIP) (866) 880-8494
-Washington State Health Insurance Pool (WSHIP) (800) 877-5187
-Wisconsin Health Insurance Risk Sharing Plan (WHIRSP) (800) 828-4777
-Wyoming Health Insurance Pool (WHIP) (307) 634-1393

Employers are not required to provide health insurance that covers diabetes. However, as of May 2004, forty-six out of the fifty states have laws requiring that state regulated health insurance programs include treatment for diabetes. Those states not requiring some form of health insurance for diabetics are:

-North Dakota

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