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Accident Health Insurance

An accident is an unforeseen event that happens unexpectedly. You don’t foresee having an accident on a family vacation, but it could happen. When you are laid out after an unforeseen ski accident, and you are missing work, who is going to pay your bills? Most health insurance companies do not cover accidental health insurance.

Expenses Covered with Accidental Health Insurance

Accident health insurance policies cover expenses including

-Loss of income from the time you are unable to work
-Any uncovered medical expenses and deductibles
-Non-medical costs, such as transportation expenses, living expenses, and domestic assistance

If you have a job that puts you at a high risk for accidents, such as construction worker, lumber jack or factory worker you should definitely add accident health insurance to the types of health insurance you invest in.. Many employers encourage their employees to purchase accident health insurance who may become hurt on the job, workers compensation only pays so much. If you have the insurance in place when your unfortunate accident happens you know you can support yourself and your family.

Accidental Health Insurance Benefits

Most accidental health plans come in a wide variety of choices and allow you to choose coverage that meets you specific needs. Here are some common types of benefits:

-Accidental injuries benefits helps with injuries and losses from an accident, this will cover you if you are on vacation, at work or anywhere else you have an accident.
-A disability or dismemberment benefit covers permanent injuries including dismemberment and loss of hearing or eyesight. If you were to become paralyzed in an accident this would be covered as well.
-Hospital care benefits will help you pay hospital bills, emergency room fees, ambulance costs and transfer charges.
-Accidental death benefits is for you family, in the event of your death your family will have financial security to get through this tough time. It does not cover death from natural causes.


All of the above accident health insurance coverage can vary so be sure choose a plan that is customized for your individual needs. Obtaining a policy can offer you all the financial resources needed so your family can carry on if something were to happen. Even though you may be covered at home you still need to make sure are covered if you travel overseas. In most cases you may not have full coverage if you are vacationing in the Swiss Alps. If you are a worldwide traveler make sure you have the coverage to back you up in an emergency. Many companies offer overseas insurance packages for the short term, this may be travelers insurance or you can include it on your accidental health insurance plan. Either way you want to make sure you are covered for all emergencies that can occur overseas. Some of the less serious events could be trip cancellation insurance if you are unable to make your return flight because of an injury. You may want to be covered for emergency medical evacuation, or accidental death and dismemberment. This can be something most people don’t want to think about or they might think they don’t need it. But in the event an accident does happen, you and your family will have the coverage for any situation that might arise.

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