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Montana Auto Insurance

Montana operates as a tort state with regard to its auto insurance laws and regulations. This means that every driver in the state must pay for personal and property damages caused by an accident if they are judged to be the party at fault. It also means that drivers in Montana may be held responsible for damages exceeding the amount of coverage they purchase, which is very important to remember when purchasing auto insurance.

Montana Auto Insurance Costs

In a recent survey, Montana auto insurance ranked as the 36th most expensive in the country when compared to other states. The average annual Montana auto insurance premium was $674.22, with $380.55 being spent on liability, $241.95 on collision, and $231.82 on comprehensive coverage. Additionally, the average premium has risen significantly in recent years - 31.9% since 2000.

In Montana, as in most other states, auto insurance carriers determine rates using a number of complex formulas. However, there are two main variables used to determine individual premiums - average costs for the entire state and individual attributes of the driver. The first category includes factors such as:

  • The cost of doing business in Montana (taxes, employee benefits, etc)
  • The prior year's claims
  • Costs of lawsuit settlements, fraudulent claims, and other litigation fees
  • Traffic statistics for the State of Montana
  • Projected inflation

The individual risk factors used to determine rates may include:

  • Recent driving record (usually the previous 5 years)
  • Type of car on the policy
  • City the driver lives in (or even the neighborhood)
  • The driver's gender
  • The driver's age
  • The driver's marital status
  • The driver's credit score
  • The driver's occupation and level of education

Montana Coverage Requirements

As a tort state, Montana auto insurance has standard liability coverage minimums. At the time of this writing, the liability minimums in Montana are 25/50/10. This means that the insurance coverage must pay at least $25,000 for injury to an individual person, $50,000 for all injury costs, and up to $10,000 for property damage in the event that a driver causes an accident.

Montana auto insurance companies also offer optional coverage like collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist bodily injury protection. These are generally good options for people who drive new or expensive cars. They are also required in Montana if you finance your vehicle or if you're in a lease, however, these rules are set by the lien holder of the vehicle and not by the State of Montana.

Montana Auto Insurance Companies

Montana auto insurance rates can vary by up to 40% from carrier to carrier, so you can usually save a lot of money if you compare premiums from multiple insurers.

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