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Florida Auto Insurance

Florida auto insurance laws are a little more complicated than other states. Florida is a partial no-fault state and requires each driver to carry at least bodily injury liability protection. As opposed to a “tort” state, blame is not determined after an accident and each driver is responsible for their own medical expenses resulting from an accident. Also, the driver’s ability to sue the “wrongful” driver is also limited.

Required Florida Auto Insurance Coverage

The Florida auto insurance requires what is referred to as PIP or Personal Injury Protection of at least $10,000. This protection pays for your own injury expenses, funeral expenses, and loss of wage expenses.

Florida laws also require those who have previous violations or a poor driving record to purchase bodily injury liability coverage. Bodily injury coverage pays for medical expenses you may cause to another driver in the case of an accident. Not all drivers are required to purchase this coverage. The Bodily injury liability coverage minimums are 10/20, meaning $10,000 per individual person and $20,000 for all persons involved in an incident.

It is important to remember that all legal minimums are just that, minimums. You can purchase more coverage to protect yourself and others and you should strongly consider doing so. A serious traffic accident can be catastrophic to both your health and your finances, especially if you don't have adequate auto insurance coverage.

Florida Auto Insurance Rates

Florida auto insurance rates rank as the 5th most expensive in the nation when compared to other states. In a recent report, the average annual expense of insurance coverage in the State of Florida was $1,015.11. This included an average of $715.59 for liability coverage, $276.26 for collision coverage, and $112.30 for comprehensive coverage. In addition, the average annual expense increased one quarter since 1999, rising on average over $250 per person.

The rates for Florida car insurance are determined by several factors. The insurance companies calculate how much it would cost to insure the whole state then determine individual driver’s portion of that by using several factors. The insurance companies factor in age, location, type of car, and marital status to determine Florida car insurance rates.

Florida Auto Insurance Carriers

Since Florida is the third most expensive state in the country in which to purchase auto insurance, it is extremely important to shop around for coverage so you can find affordable rates.

Additional Coverage Information

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Phone: (850) 413-3140

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