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Short Term Auto Insurance

*NOTE* Not available in every state. Short term auto insurance supplies drivers with a periodic answer to coverage concerns. Although short term car insurance is not as common as annual auto insurance, many have found it useful.

Reasons for Buying Short Term Auto Insurance

What are some situations which would be advisable to obtain short term auto insurance?

  • A cross country vacation in a rental car
  • Hurricane or flood season protection on a stored car
  • Temporary ownership of a vehicle
  • Foreigner visiting US for limited amount of time

Coverage of Short Term Auto Insurance

Short term auto insurance can be applied for in the same ways as regular annual insurance. The short term car insurance policy can reflect liability coverage or full vehicle collision repair, as well as medical. Many companies view the policy the same as regular bi-annual policies. The coverage is good for six months, and depending on the credit, you can pay for it monthly or all at once. The short term insurance policy is only limited in time period not the amount of coverage.

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