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Commercial Car Insurance

Commercial car insurance is needed for small or large businesses that use an automobile or truck as part of their business practice. For independent small businesses working from home that own and operate their own vehicles, personal automobile insurance is usually considered adequate. However, if the business involves transporting people, additional business insurance is usually recommended. It is important to talk to an agent about the specific needs and uses of each commercial vehicle.

Purchasing Commercial Car Insurance

For businesses that own, lease or rent vehicles that are operated for business use by more than one person than the company needs to purchase commercial car insurance. Businesses who have employees use their own vehicles for business use should have liability coverage for those employees but the primary car insurance coverage under those circumstances would be that of the employee. Some considerations when purchasing commercial car insurance are:

  • Who will be driving the vehicle
  • How many people will drive the vehicle
  • Who owns the vehicle
  • Type and classification of the vehicle
  • How many vehicles of each type are used by the business

Coverage of commercial car insurance

Commercial car insurance needs to cover liability for each driver as well as collision damage and even comprehensive coverage for each vehicle. There are also provisions in policies that help businesses recover the loss of not only the vehicle, but also any additional goods and inventory within the vehicle that are associated with the business. These goods can include both cargo as well as tools. Most commercial car insurance policies will cover:

  • Bodily injury and liability
  • Property damage and liability
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists
  • Motor truck cargo
  • Medical payments
  • Collision (covers damage to vehicle in an accident)
  • Comprehensive (covers damage due to theft, fire, or glass breakage)


Different types of vehicles will require different types of policies. Some states classify business vehicles by type (for example a tow truck is a different type of vehicle than a passenger van) while others will classify the vehicles based on weight. Commercial auto insurance prices and policies will differ with vehicle types and classifications.

There are many options in purchasing commercial auto insurance and variations in policies. Some insurance policies for an additional cost include:

  • Cargo Coverage – protects inventory during transportation or storage
  • Tool and Equipment coverage – protects tools and equipment used in business while on or in the vehicle and at the job.
  • Business interruption coverage – protects against loss of income resulting from a covered loss.
  • Crime Insurance – protects against loss from theft or burglary even if resulting from an employee.
  • Umbrella coverage – provides higher liability limits beyond the primary commercial auto insurance coverage.
  • Rental reimbursement – helps provide a rental vehicle for a specified period of time until the commercial vehicle is repaired or replaced.

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