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Auto Insurance Policy Types

Changing driver demands and new carriers entering the market have created a number of new types of auto insurance policies. Too, because of issues relating to uninsured drivers in particular parts of the country, new types of auto insurance have been implemented that completely change the way car insurance works. As a result, searching for direct auto insurance and free auto insurance quotes that meet both your personal and financial needs has become a bigger challenge. We are here to help you find the best prices, by helping you obtain multiple quotes.

Auto Insurance Policy Types

By doing your homework, you can find budget car insurance and auto insurance online, but first, you need to know what types of auto insurance policies are available. The links below will give you definitions of important insurance terms.

Car insurance policies can be divided into two distinct categories: third-party liability and first-party insurance. In car insurance terminology, the owner of the policy is the first party, who has contracted with the second party (the insurer) for the coverage. The third-party is the other person(s) in the accident, or the person(s) whose property the policy-owner damaged. Thus, in general, third-party liability insurance covers the damages to other people that are attributable to the policy-owner. First-party insurance covers damages that are done to the policy-owner or his passengers.

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