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Teen Auto Insurance Quotes

In some states, every person under 18 old must hold a learner’s permit for one year before getting a license and a person is not allowed to drive alone with a learner’s permit regardless of age. The age limit for a learner's permit varies; in some states it is as early as 15.

Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Parents are understandably very concerned about their teenage drivers. Sometimes teens go through a stage when their relationship with their parents is not very good. They find understanding each other to be almost impossible. But when it comes to driving, good communication is a key to avoiding perilous consequences.

Companies that sell car insurance for teens encourage parents and their teenage drivers to communicate candidly with each other about rules for driving. Talking honestly and plainly about the risk of teen auto crashes can save lives. Statistics show it makes a difference if parents take a serious interest in their teenagers' driving habits.

Discounts are sometimes available to help cut costs. However, the higher the risk, the higher the cost of insurance premiums will be. This is one of the basic guidelines for buyers of car insurance for teens.

Learning the causes of accidents and the importance of safe driving is a first step. Most insurance companies that sell car insurance for teens have brochures about driving safety and some even have videos for parents to watch with their teen drivers. The discussion between parents and teens on auto safety will hopefully be ongoing so that the teens continue to fully understand the importance of being careful drivers especially when they are novices. Talking about it may be a little awkward at first, but it is worth the effort. Taking a driver's education course at school is helpful, but it still does not relieve mothers and fathers of their parental responsibilities.

When their kids are about to start driving, parents worry about the high cost of car insurance for teenagers. They also worry that they are no longer in control of their kids. It is true that teens have a new sense of freedom when they get their licenses. But they often don’t understand the responsibilities that come with the privilege. Parents can help by drawing up a driving contract which states the rules as well as the consequences for breaking them. The contract should address safety and good driving skills.

The Role Parents Play

Companies that sell car insurance for teenagers expect parents to make decisions about the following:

  • Which car(s) the teen is allowed to drive. The car should have a driver’s side airbag, a good safety rating, and be easy to maneuver.
  • Car care, putting gas into the car, oil changes, tire pressure, and regular maintenance requirements.
  • Keep the car clean inside and out and free of trash.
  • Paying for insurance. Teen auto insurance rates may be much higher than those for adults over twenty five—and for good reason. Teens have more accidents. Some parents find that having their teens pay the insurance costs with their part time jobs provides some incentive to avoid reckless behavior that often results in accidents. Premiums for teen car insurance can rise sharply with each accident—sometimes costing thousands of dollars per year.

The Teen Driving Contract

The contract should emphasize safe driving including:

  • Always obey the speed limit and the traffic laws.
  • Always use seat belts and make sure that all passengers buckle up.
  • Never drive a car if you have been drinking. Parents should watch for signs of alcohol or drug use. Driving while impaired is a leading cause of deaths in vehicle crashes. The contract should state that teens are not allowed to drink and drive, have alcohol in the car, or even be a passenger in a car with a driver who has been drinking or using drugs. Make sure your teen knows that they can always call you to come get them if they get stranded at a gathering.
  • Teens should not be allowed to drive with friends or younger children in the car for the first six to twelve months unless an adult is in the car with them. Many states have this limitation. Distractions are one of the main problems for new drivers. Trying to keep track of conversations, playing around, or trying to act cool could lead to an accident.
  • New drivers should let parents know where they are going and when they plan to return.
Additional Car Insurance Risks For Teens

Night driving is difficult for a new driver and can be particularly dangerous. A realistic curfew should be set, but also tell teens that if they are running late, it is always better to drive safely than to speed home. They should call you if possible to let you know they are going to be a little late.

Take the Worry Out of Teen Auto Insurance

The topic of teen auto insurance includes the topics of reducing costs and reducing risks. While obtaining teen driver insurance or new driver insurance can be expensive, there are ways to cut down on the cost. There are discounts available through many of the automobile insurance companies. While car insurance rates for teens are going to be high, they can be reduced. Requesting quotes through our site can save you time, money and hassle.

Teen auto insurance is expensive because teens are in a high risk category. Parents and teens need to work together to reduce the risks involved with driving so that everyone makes it home safe at the end of the day.

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their kids learn responsible behavior. You cannot just give the kids the keys and let them go. Here are some areas where parents need to make good decisions and teach kids good habits:

  • Choosing a car for your child - While cost is a factor for many parents a car for a teen driver needs to be easy to drive, and should feature excellent safety. Buying the cheapest car that you can find for your child is not a good idea and can cost you dearly in the end.
  • Teach your child to keep their car clean outside and in. Do not allow your teenager to accumulate trash in their vehicle.
  • Teenagers need to learn about car maintenance, but parents should make sure that their child's vehicle is properly maintained. Monitor activities such as making sure the vehicle has fuel, ensuring oil changes are done on time and making sure that tire pressure is appropriate.
  • If parents are not making the insurance payments for their children's vehicles, they need to make sure premiums are paid. You do not want to have your child's coverage lapse.

Having a teen driving contract can ensure that teenagers know their responsibilities and live up to them. Things that should be included in a teen driving contract:

  • Parents should know where the car is being taken and when the teen will return.
  • Seatbelts should be used by all people in the vehicle at all times.
  • Teenagers should agree to follow all traffic laws including speed limits.
  • Teens should know that they are never to drink and drive or ride in a car with someone who has been drinking. If they are ever stranded they need to know that a parent will come and get them.
  • New drivers should avoid driving with other teens or younger children in the car unless an adult is with them.

Parents and teenagers can work together to reduce the risks associated with teenage drivers. Parents can get first time driver insurance quotes through many resources online. There are ways to save money and save lives when it comes to teen driving.


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