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Many people find themselves needing high risk auto insurance. Sometimes it is due to happy occasions such as a new driver needing competitive auto insurance quotes. Other times it is because a person has made a mistake and needs insurance after a DUI, DWI or after having too many moving violations in a year. High risk car insurance is usually more expensive, but there are ways to get the best value for cost and understanding what makes a driver high risk is the place to start.

There are several instances where an insurance company is likely to rate someone as being higher risk:

  • After 3 or more moving violations in one year
  • Having a DUI or DWI
  • Being a young driver
  • Having gaps in your auto insurance coverage
  • Being male
  • Living in a high risk area
  • Having several accidents, even if they are not your fault, in your driving history
  • Having poor credit

Some of these auto insurance factors are worse than others as far as making you high risk and raising your car insurance rates. Having numerous assigned-risk-insurance moving violations tells an insurance company that you are more likely of being in an automobile accident. Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol will not only cost you your license, it will also cost you a great deal of money for insurance. There are several other offenses that insurance companies view as serious risk factors and having even one of these on your record for a 12 month period will raise your insurance rates a great deal:

  • hit and run
  • negligent vehicular injury
  • driving under the influence of drugs(not just alcohol)
  • reckless driving

Finding High Risk Auto Insurance

You can save money on auto insurance when you have these risk factors if you do your homework first. Prices will vary greatly depending on what insurance company you use. There are services available online who will help you find affordable car insurance by matching you with companies who offer high risk auto insurance. There is no need to waste time calling around or making appointments to visit agents. You simply fill out the information required online and agents from companies who can meet your needs will call you and answer your questions. Even if you need first time driver insurance, SR22 insurance, new driver insurance or teen driver insurance you are still a customer and deserve the best price and service possible.

You may think that you just have to "take what you can get", but that is not the case at all. The insurance companies should still work to earn your business. You probably have a great deal of questions and talking with agents about what coverage is available can really help. It is as simple as filling out the online forms if you want to get free auto insurance quotes. Get the respect you deserve and the insurance you need at a price you can afford. With the internet it is possible to get insurance without ever leaving your home and avoid the hassle of shopping for car insurance.

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