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Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Full coverage auto insurance, or physical damage coverage insurance, is a combination of both collision coverage and comprehensive auto coverage. Collision insurance pays for damage to your automobile caused by collision with some other object or when your car rolls in an accident. Comprehensive insurance coverage, on the other hand, will pay for repairs to your vehicle necessitated by vandalism, theft or glass breakage.

Generally, when you are leasing or making payments on your vehicle, the creditor will require that you have full coverage auto insurance in order to protect their asset.

How Full Coverage Insurance Works

Full coverage car insurance covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle, and sometimes covers the cost of repair to other vehicles you may be driving, for losses resulting from incidents other than collision. Some examples of damage covered by include damages to your car if it is stolen, or if it is damaged by a flood, fire, or animals.

The auto insurance policy will cover the costs of repairing your vehicle, but you will have to pay the amount of the deductible, which you will choose when purchasing your policy. If you want your payments to stay low, you should choose a high deductible when selecting your auto insurance coverage. Keep in mind that you will have to pay the cost of the deductible out of pocket.

Limitations of Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Full coverage auto insurance is limited to the terms and conditions spelled out in the policy. This coverage is not required by state governments, just most lien holders.

If you have an older car or one in poor condition, this type of extensive coverage might not be the best choice because the longterm costs of the insurance may exceed the value of your automobile. But if your car is newer or in excellent condition, full coverage auto insurance will be the most help if you need to replace or repair the vehicle in case of loss.

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