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Military Auto Insurance

U.S. service members often receive discounts on military auto insurance not offered to the public. You can save hundreds of dollars a year or more on auto insurance premiums if you are enlisted in a branch of the military. If you deploy to an area where you are eligible to receive imminent danger pay, your discount could be even more significant, so it is worth looking into this with your insurance agent.

How to Qualify for Military Auto Insurance Discounts

You could qualify for the benefits of a military car insurance policy from some companies if you are:

  • a member of the active-duty force,
  • National Guard,
  • reserve,
  • an officer candidate,
  • retired military,
  • spouse, former spouse or adult child of a military service member.

Insurers require you to have continuous insurance coverage to keep the current rates. If you are in the military and you have orders to go overseas on assignment for six months or a year or more, this could be a problem. It is a good idea to contact your agent and discuss your options.

Other Considerations for Military Auto Insurance

Some service members choose to put their cars in storage while they are away and to cancel their military auto insurance. However, when they return and try to reinstate their auto insurance policy, the insurer tells them they have to pay higher rates or they may deny coverage entirely. The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents, called for a change in this policy for returning troops. At least half of the states now do not allow insurance companies to penalize active duty military personnel.

If your state allows insurers to raise rates or deny coverage, you can store your automobile as long as no one else will be using it during your deployment. You should check your military car insurance policy to see if you are required to have your storage protection plan approved. You may have to provide your agent with the odometer reading and the address where your vehicle is being stored.

After storing your car, you can cancel your liability coverage but keep your comprehensive insurance to protect against vandalism or theft. You may be able to save on your comprehensive bill while your car is in storage, and there will be no lapse in coverage. You can reinstate your liability coverage when you return and take your car out of storage. Ask your agent if you can make your military car insurance payments on your pay schedule as an additional convenience for you.

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