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International Auto Insurance

If you regularly drive into Mexico or Canada from the United States, international auto insurance is the coverage you need to protect your car. The rates for international auto insurance depends on the destination country, as driving in Canada is considered safer than driving in Mexico.

Rates for International Auto Insurance

International auto insurance policies can be written for one month up to a year. They offer more flexibility in time period than normal policies for obvious reasons. Most travel is only temporary or for a short period of time. This type of coverage can be very expensive in comparison with normal US auto insurance rates of coverage.


When you travel in your own vehicle abroad, remember international auto insurance can be expensive, but it can relieve you of the unwanted stress of not being covered. Even though it is not illegal to drive without insurance in some foreign countries, it is still wise to protect your investment with an international car insurance policy from a carrier in the States. The coverage protects you from the other drivers on the road, and in some countries, the international car insurance policy will protect you from theft as well. Check with your insurance company for the specifics of their international auto insurance.

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