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Family Auto Insurance

Your car insurance needs change throughout life. When you are a young single person just starting out, you might be looking for auto insurance that provides just the basics. As time passes and you become an adult, your responsibilities will increase and your insurance needs will increase along with them. When you have a spouse and children to protect, you need to consider how your car insurance affects them, which is why companies offer family auto insurance.

Choosing the Right Family Auto Insurance

Regardless of your stage in life, you will want to get the right insurance at the right price. This becomes even more important after you marry and you and your spouse have each other's needs to consider including your family auto insurance needs. It will certainly benefit you to do some research and gather information about auto insurance for families. Do some comparison-shopping. Gather some car insurance quotes and know what's out there. When it comes time to renew your policy, read your policy carefully to see if the terms have changed. Another company might have better rates, but you will not know unless you compare. An insurer can give you a rate over the phone making it easier to compare premiums.

Discounts on Family Auto Insurance

A time will probably come when you and your spouse will want to buy a new car. With that in mind, you should consider buying a vehicle that qualifies for a discount. Your family car insurance agent can inform you about the cost of insuring various vehicles before you make your decision. Also, if you take public transportation or carpool, your premium might go down.

Be sure to get all the discounts you are allowed. You could receive a discount for safety features such as airbags and a car alarm. Discounts might also be available if you insure your vehicles and your home with the same company, often called multi-line coverage. Furthermore, people who take a driving course or do not smoke or drink often get discounts.

Changes in Insurance

Later on when you become parents, having a baby in the car can cause distractions while driving which can put themselves, their family and others in harm’s way. You should be aware of the road and driving conditions at all times.

Your babies will eventually grow into teenagers and you will have more to consider regarding your family auto insurance. The question will arise whether you should have your teenager share the family car instead of owning his or her own car. A driver’s license represents a rite of passage and a feeling of independence for teens, but they are not always aware of the high cost associated with auto insurance for families. Staying on the parents' policy may be the only option. Insuring a teen can be expensive because most insurance companies consider young people to be a high risk. Your agent will tell you what options you have and how you could keep your premium low.

Insuring Teenagers

Make sure you check with your insurance company before your child uses your car for a part-time job. If you have teenagers, you eventually need to ask yourself when you should buy car insurance for your son or daughter who is old enough to drive. If your child uses the car for a part-time job involving deliveries, does your family auto insurance cover any minor accidents while on the job? You should contact you auto insurance company to find out the answer before you let your teen use your car.

You will need to notify your auto insurer ahead of time if you are going to let your child use the family car for a job that requires a lot of driving, like a delivery driver. You can expect the insurer to charge extra, but that would be a small price to pay considering that if you fail to notify your insurer in advance and your child gets into an accident driving the family vehicle for the job, you may find that you have no coverage when you file a claim. There is a lot of risk involved when you allow your child to use the family car for a job requiring deliveries and your insurer may not offer the coverage you need.

A car that is driven to places at different times of the day and night requires careful consideration when it comes to the insurer being able to price the risk with accuracy. You might have to shop around and compare auto insurance rates to find a company that would provide the specific protection you need.

College Savings

Do not forget to let your agent know if the student in your home makes the honor roll or goes away to college as these situations qualify for discounts with most companies. A big change will occur in your household when your child goes away to college and this will affect your family car insurance. You should periodically review the status of all the drivers in your family with your agent.

Paying the college expenses for your child can really stretch your budget. You can find ways to save by increasing your deductible for collision and comprehensive. Upping a $100 deductible to $1000 can reduce the collision part of your premium significantly. You will be covered for serious accidents, but you will pay for minor accidents yourself. That said, you should carefully consider whether to file a small claim because your premiums will probably go up. You can drop collision coverage on your car if it is older. Your claim will be limited to the book value, so you probably will not get much anyway if your car is more than seven years old. Consider dropping your collision coverage when the annual premium reaches 10 percent of the value of your car.

Good Driver Discounts

Be a good driver by avoiding accidents and traffic violations and your reward will be good driver discounts. On the other hand, if you are not a good driver, it could get expensive. The safer you can be, the lower your premiums. Consider dropping coverage for towing costs or car rental while yours is in the repair shop. If you have a new car, the warranty's roadside assistance provision may cover these at no cost. If your group health insurance provides generous coverage, consider dropping the medical coverage portion of your policy. It also helps to keep your credit rating healthy. A growing number of insurers consider the credit score when setting family car insurance rates.

Time will pass and things will change, but nothing is more important than your family and you want the best for them. Making sure they have the best family auto insurance should be one of your first priorities. Planning ahead will always make things a lot easier.

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