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Direct General Auto Insurance

Direct General Auto Insurance

Direct General Auto Insurance is an insurance company that offers auto, life, and motorcycle insurance. In addition to insurance, Direct Insurance also offers roadside assistance in case of an emergency. Direct General Auto Insurance operates in 12 states and works with people to offer affordable and reliable insurance. With it's wide range of products available, Direct General Auto Insurance is a great choice for insurance.

Direct Auto Insurance

The most popular product the Direct Insurance offers is auto insurance. Direct Auto Insurance works with people of all credit and income levels to provide affordable auto coverage. Direct also offers customized auto insurance plans to meet the needs of any driver. Direct is also a popular insurance company because of it's high risk auto coverage for drivers that have had accidents or are underage. Discounts are also available for drivers with vehicles that have certain safety amenities as air bags, anti-theft systems, and other innovations that reduce risk of auto theft and decrease the chances of an accident. Direct offers free quotes via the internet and over 400 locations in 13 states. Direct has auto insurance policies for all drivers.

Direct Motorcycle Insurance

As good as Direct's coverage is for cars, it's also great for motorcycles. Direct still offers great options for motorcycles such as customizable payment plans for monthly premiums, and complete liability and full coverage. The claims process is also thorough and understandable, as they seek to educate about the claims process ahead of time to avoid headaches. Direct offers over the phone assistance over the phone and addresses such issues as customized parts on the motorcycle, what to do after an accident, and instructions about properly filing a claim to obtain fast and efficient service. Direct takes motorcycle coverage seriously makes coverage and claims understandable for all policy holders.

Direct Life Insurance

Direct General Auto Insurance is a complete insurance company and offers life insurance as well. Known as the Emergency Protection Plan, this plan works hand in hand with other policies offered by Direct Insurance. When accidents occur, other things are usually damaged besides the vehicle. They offer insurance that covers legal fees, medical fees, auto rental fees, lost personal items, and bills associated with hospital stays. Many customers find this service useful and purchase it along with their auto or motorcycle coverage. Direct makes sure that everything is covered that could potentially be lost in an accident.

Direct Roadside Assistance

Direct Auto Insurance also offers roadside assistance for unforeseen events such as locking the keys in the car, breakdowns, running out of gas, and jump starts. This addition is low cost and is worth purchasing as towing costs and independent roadside services are often costly. Towing is also an added benefit, so leaving the car at a location can be a thing of the past.

Peace of Mind in One Place

Direct General Auto Insurance is a one stop shop to insure against auto accidents, theft, and the costs related to unforeseen circumstances. Direct has designed plans for all drivers and vehicle owners, as well as made peace of mind easy by offering comprehensive and easy to understand service. All questions can be directed to Direct's customer service and claims department, making this company a great and affordable insurance option.

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